US Lighting Group (OTC: USLG) has entered a new era as an offical fully reporting SEC publicly traded company and has applied to the OTCQB market, where further investment opportunities are available. OTCQB will give the US Lighting Group access to additional resources, capital investments, an expanded potential shareholder base, and greater visibility in the marketplace.
Uplisting to the OTCQB provides additional benefits to USLG investors. Once accepted by OTCQB, the company plans to move to a more senior level stock exchange. 

Now you have the opportunity to become a Shareholder and invest in a technology company with vision. To achieve sustainable growth for the company, we are capitalizing on our wide customer base, such as Home Depot, Kawasaki Motors, Summit Racing, Keystone Automotive among many others. Increasing our American-made product lines, sales, and by strategic acquisitions of manufacturing companies, we will position ourselves to experience a major leap in growth potential.


Specializing in electronics manufacturing, we are looking for other manufacturing companies that do not have the resources to be a vendor of these large corporations. We are looking for strategic acquisitions to partner with us. If you have a manufacturing company that you would like to sell or if you know of one that would make a strategic fit, please contact us.  

US Lighting Group (OTC:USLG) is leading manufacturers of electronics, supplying growth sectors such as high-tech robotics utilizing our own in-house proprietary artificial intelligence, LED lighting, custom designed LED products, microprocessor-controlled LED instrumentation, custom private labeled electronics, automotive, RV, and marine electronics. The company has manufacturing and R&D facilities in Cleveland, Ohio with an international sales distribution network.